Assignment for Training to Ambon – 2012

10 December 2012

Assignment for Training to Ambon – 2012

Ambon 1

Night Flight @ Soekarno Hatta Airport

Ambon 2

Sunrise @ 30.000 feet

Ambon 3

Morning @ 30.000 feet

Ambon 4

Beautiful garden @Aston Natsepa Ambon

Ambon 5

Cloudy Sunset @Natsepa

Ambon 6

The power of the wave

Ambon 7

Orange Sunset @Natsepa

Ambon 8

I love the blue of Natsepa

Ambon 9

The Famous Rujak Natsepa

Ambon 10

Spectacular Sunset

Ambon 11

Beautiful Sunset @Natsepa

Ambon 12


Amnon 7

The wave and the beach


The OpeningPeserta

The Participant from Ambon Provincial Officer


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