Lowongan Procurement Specialist di World Bank Jakarta

6 April 2011

Lowongan Procurement Specialist di World Bank Jakarta

Hmmmm, lowongan ini sungguh menggoda iman, namun saya sadar diri, masa baru lompat, trus lompat lagi (meski itu cara tercepat mencapai puncak, namun sepertinya kita kurang menikmati pemandangan sepanjang perjalanan…hehe)

Ok lah, tidak apa2, saya persembahkan pengumuman ini bagi rekan2 procurement terbaik di Indonesia:

Kunjungi Link nya dan langsung apply dari web tersebut:


To apply for one of the positions listed below please click on the “Apply” button on the job description. When prompted, sign-in with your existing Member Center account or create a new account on the sign-in page.


Job # 110571
Job Title Senior Procurement Specialist
Job Family Procurement
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Appointment Local Hire
Job Posted 04-Apr-2011
Closing Date 26-Apr-2011
Language Requirements Bahasa (Indonesian) [Essential]; English [Essential]
Appointment Type

Background / General description

This local recruitment shall be offered for an initial period of a two-year Term appointment, renewable subject to individual performance and unit’s need.

Application should be submitted on-line through this website by clicking “apply” button on the upper right of this website no later than April 26, 2011. Hard copy and e-mail application will not be considered.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 2 year renewable term appointment.


The World Bank Group is looking for a Senior Procurement Specialist to join our Jakarta-Based team. The Indonesia portfolio is one of the Bank’s largest and very diversified. It includes large infrastructure projects on power and geothermal, investment projects both at central and sub national  level,   development policy loans as well as one of the Bank’s largest community driven projects. The portfolio has also several “innovative” programs which have gained recognition Bank wide.The incumbent be part of a medium sized procurement team  and will play a leadership and advisory role to clients and colleagues in handling complex procurement tasks and issues, which frequently cut across sectors and/or work units. He/she will employ appropriate methodologies for handling such  tasks and/or issues; make significant contributions in evaluating and developing improvements to client’s procurement regulations/practices, including influencing the design, reform and establishment of national and sub national public procurement systems and strengthening of institutional capacity within client’s entities. The incumbent will play a substantive role in improving Bank procurement practices and approaches; generating as needed  “concept notes” and best practices papers and developing  innovative solutions to particularly difficult procurement and related issues; she/he will lead missions and supervise major projects as a technical expert.  The incumbent is expected to develop and execute training modules on complex procurement topics; work independently under general direction of unit manager or equivalent, and guide and mentor more junior.

The incumbent will report to the Regional Procurement Manager in the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC; for day-to-day activities, and shall work under the supervision of the Lead Procurement Specialist based in the Jakarta Office.

Duties and Accountabilities
The Senior Procurement Specialist:
•    Will be responsible carrying out the traditional role as procurement specialist for an assigned portfolio of projects, to include reviewing and handling the technical, commercial and legal aspects of procurement at all stages of the project cycle, as well as analysis of systemic and other procurement issues, procurement planning and PAD drafting, implementation and management, and training.
•    The incumbent will participate in preparation and appraisal missions for the assigned portfolio of projects as sole procurement expert; assess procurement implications of project design, evaluate institutional capacity of borrowers, and develop suitable procurement plans. Other duties in that regard would include: o Negotiating and resolving difficult specific procurement issues with Borrower agencies during implementation; handles questions from senior officials and contractors on bidding and award issues; and documents complaints as per OPCPR procedures and provides information and opinion to the RPM and TTLs to handle complaints. o Supervising project procurement arrangements as a technical expert; organizes and conducting post-reviews in coordination with TTLs, reports in the standard regional format, and monitors follow-up actions; Works independently under general direction of the Regional Procurement Manager, and guides and mentors junior staff (both procurement and non-procurement staff) on all aspects of procurement under the Bank’s Procurement Guidelines and Consultant Guidelines.
•    Conducts mandatory reviews of procurement documents and of the procurement aspects of various Bank documents, including PCDs, PADs, institutional procurement capacity assessments, procurement plans, procurement schedules, legal agreements, and contracts for goods, civil works and services within RPM thresholds, providing fiduciary clearances and guidance on complex procurement matters.
•    Reviews and responds to procurement-related complaints from bidders.
•    Reviews and handles mis-procurement cases.
•    Reviews fraud and corruption investigations cases reported by bidders or by INT.
•    Makes significant contributions in evaluating and developing improvements to borrower’s procurement legislation, regulations and practices, including influencing the design, reform and establishment of national and sub-national public procurement systems, strengthening of institutional capacity within borrower entities and monitoring and reporting on the progress of procurement reforms.
•    Plays a substantive role in improving Bank procurement practices and approaches; generates concept notes and best practices papers and develops innovative solutions to complex procurement and related issues.
•    Develops training materials and delivers training events on procurement for Bank staff and borrowers.
•    Interacts with Bank’s senior management, government officials and equivalent in other international organizations, etc.

Selection Criteria
•    Master’s degree or above with major relevant discipline (e.g. Engineering, Law, Procurement, Finance, Business, Commerce or Information Technology), with minimum 8 years of relevant experience.
•    Strong command of English; knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia is highly desirable.
•    State-of-the-art knowledge of the concepts, principles and practices which govern international procurement, the contracting of consultant services, technical specifications in design, engineering and construction of facilities, the development of public procurement policies, etc..
•    Specialized knowledge of and significant experience in most major areas/aspects of procurement (e.g. commodities; finished goods; equipment; various forms of construction contracts; selection/contracting of consultant services; preparation of bidding/contract documents for international procurement of goods, works, services; technical specifications in design and construction of facilities; public procurement policies, practices, institutions in developed and/or developing countries).
•    Knowledge of Bank business objectives, policies and practices related to project/sector and critical links to procurement is highly desirable.
•    Knowledge of procurement systems, procedures and practices in Indonesia is highly desirable.
•    Demonstrated problem-solving skills and negotiating skills with ability to balance project objectives and procurement requirements with client needs in discussing and resolving sensitive and difficult issues.
•    Strong communication skills and negotiating skills and persuasiveness in presenting, discussing and resolving difficult issues, both orally and in writing.
•    Experienced in leading a team of professionals in the execution of major projects.

Pengalaman pribadi saat mencoba mengajukan aplikasi:

Karena informasi di atas sangat menarik, setelah berpikir lama, saya berkesimpulan tidak ada salahnya mencoba.

TAHAP 1: Mengajukan Aplikasi secara Online

Akhirnya saya download form aplikasinya dari website di atas.

Perlu perjuangan untuk menyiapkan CV sesuai dengan format yang diminta.

Penyampaian CV harus secara online, nah ini yang paling susah, karena dibutuhkan koneksi internet yang cepat dan stabil, juga dibutuhkan cv yang sudah sesuai format yang diminta world bank dalam bentuk word yang siap dicopy paste dalam jangka waktu maskimal pengajuan aplikasinya.

Kalau gagal memenuhi batas waktu, maka kita harus mengisi dari awal lagi. Akhirnya setelah klik yang kedua, aplikasi terkirim.

Kemudian lama sekali kita tidak mendengar kabar beritanya, bahkan saking sibuknya di proyek, saya sampai melupakannya.

TAHAP 2: Panggilan Computer Test dan Interview

Suatu hari saya HP saya berbunyi, nomer hp saya sdh 10 tahun tidak berganti, sehingga semua rekan ex proyek meski yg sdh lama masih bisa kontak. Namun sempat suatu saat saya tidak pernah mengangkat hp jika nomer tidak dikenal, karena banyak sekali nomer2 tak dikenal itu berasal dari marketing2 produk2 investasi dan kredit. Namun akhirnya setelah satu bulan, saya memutuskan untuk mengangkat semua no telepon yg masuk, karena banyak telepon ternyata berasal dari berbagai instansi yg meminta bantuan saya sebagai procurement specialist dan trainer PBJ. Itulah berkah kalau kita selalu berpikiran positif, karena kalau kita sudah menjustifikasi buruk di awal dan tidak berani mengangkat telepon tak dikenal, mungkin kita sudah melewatkan satu kesempatan yang dikirim Tuhan kepada kita.

Ternyata telepon tersebut adalah panggilan dari World Bank Office Jakarta untuk mengikuti test dan interview. Rupanya saya termasuk satu diantara 5 calon Senior Procurement Specialist yang lolos seleksi awal.

Test awal: Pihak World Bank menyiapkan sebuah ruangan khusus untuk kita, dan kemudian di layar komputer tertera suatu kasus procurement yang cukup pelik yang menggunakan guideline worldbank, dan kita diminta memberikan solusinya secara mendetail. Yang paling sulit sebenarnya adalah tenggat waktunya, yang hanya 30 menit.Bisa dibayangkan, untuk membaca dan memahaminya saja kita butuh minimal 10 menit, dan untuk memikirkan jawabannya kita membutuhkan minimal 10 menit, dan untuk menuliskan jawabannya secara rapi di komputer, kita butuh paling tidak 10 menit. Jadi lupakan saja bagi rekan2 yang belum pernah menjadi procurement specialist memakai guideline world bank sebelumnya untuk bisa melalui test ini. Tanpa meremehkan kemampuan dan pemahaman rekan2 namun saya yakin pasti akan terjebak di waktu. Saya saja terpaksa minta injury time 1 menit…hehe.

Kemudian tanpa istirahat, saat otak kita masih mendidih karena berpikir keras, kita diarahkan ke sebuah meeting room yang besar.

Di situ sudah menanti 5 orang pewawancara, yang salah satunya adalah International Procurement Specialist dari Lebanon. Selain itu juga ada beberapa international expert lainnya. Di situ kita mulai gencar di’serang’ pertanyaan2, terutama yang terkait dengan CV kita. Tentunya semua pertanyaan dan jawaban dalam bahasa Inggris, jadi yang bahasa inggrisnya belum sampai level: ngeles dot com, ya patut khawatir…hehe. Mereka benar2 menggali sampai mendetail mengenai pengalaman kita di bidang procurement. Sambil kita menjawab pertanyaan2 tersebut, ada sesorang dari HRD yang memantau setiap jawaban, ekspresi dan tata bahasa kita. Benar2 seperti ujian thesis nih…hehe. Akhirnya setelah 1 jam yang melelahkan, interviewnya selesai juga, dan kita diberitahu kalau kita masuk dalam tahap selanjutnya, sekitar 2 minggu akan dipanggil kembali.

TAHAP 3: Video Conference secara live streaming



TAHAP 4: Pengumunan Hasil Conference

TAHAP 5: Negosiasi

TAHAP 6: Paper works / administrative process


2 thoughts on “Lowongan Procurement Specialist di World Bank Jakarta

  1. Saya suka dengan site ini, karena sangat informatif dan bermanfaat bagi yang membutuhkan,.

    Salam Sukses,


    Terima Kasih atas kunjungan Pak Thomsho ke Blog saya, semoga informasi yang saya share bermanfaat.



    • thank for everything what you did here. i appreciate it. but, i want information in this month or next month (may). I am an expert for community empowerment, and ever work in United States. thank you

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