Lowongan Education Expert

23 November 2010


Cardno Emerging Markets is currently the Managing Contractor (MCPM) for the Australia Indonesia Basic Education Partnership (AIBEP). The program
currently being conducted by the MCPM is focused on the key areas of basic
education – (a) improving access and participation and (b) improving the
quality of education throughout Indonesia.

The program is due to be extended to June 30th 2011 and the MCPM is seeking to recruit a number of talented, expert and experienced persons to support the ongoing program during the period January to June 2011.

Expressions of interest accompanied by detailed CV or Resume are sought from interested persons who have all or some of the following qualifications and experience:

§  An excellent employment record with at least 10 years professional
experience including 5 years experience in basic education as teacher, Head
Teacher or Supervisor or as an academic working in the field of basic

§  An S2 qualification or the equivalent in S1 qualifications, post S1
studies and experience.

§  Excellent oral and written communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia
(Fluency in English is considered as a highly desirable).

§  Knowledge of adult learning principles.

§  Knowledge of and preferably experience of current and planned
developments affecting principals and supervisors in Indonesia.

§  Experience in the design, facilitation and assessment of competence based
professional development.

§  Expertise in one or more of the following areas:

Organisational review and development;

Institutional strengthening;

Change strategies in education;

The delivery of basic education in Districts and Provinces;

Materials development to support quality adult learning;

Performance Appraisal;

Human Resource Management;

Program evaluation with emphasis on Qualitative data.

Applications from principals, supervisors or Widyiswara, and others who have been involved in current developments affecting principals and supervisors are welcome.

Applicants must be available for full-time engagement from January 1 to June 30, 2011. They must also be prepared to travel widely throughout Indonesia for planning, implementation and monitoring visits.

Cardno Emerging Markets is an ‘equal opportunity’ employer and applications from women whose academic background and educational experience meets the above requirements are encouraged and will be valued.

The positions are for six months only, commencing January 1st 2011, but the
experience and the opportunity to advance one’s professional skills may lead
to inclusion as a member of a national pool of advisers and consultants that
can be drawn on by future AusAID supported programs.

Expressions of Interest together with copies of CVs and relevant documents
should be submitted to *hr.dept@mcpm-aibep.or.id* <hr.dept@mcpm-aibep.or.id>
* no later than December 3rd 2010.*



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