Info : One Stepping Stone for Brighter Future

14 April 2010

Info : Stepping Stone for Brighter Future

Bagi rekan2 yang nantinya berhasil diterima di posisi ini saya sampaikan pujian karena proyek ini akan menjadikan batu loncatan yang sangat baik untuk posisi2 di proyek selanjutnya.

Anda akan berinteraksi dekat dengan para pengambil kebijakan di tingkat pusat, maupun para pelaksana di daerah.

The Indonesia Infrastructure Initiative (IndII) is a three-year project funded by the Australian government. Its goal is to promote economic growth by working with the Government of Indonesia to enhance infrastructure policy, planning and investment. IndII focuses primarily on water and sanitation issues and on transport by road, rail and sea, as well as a number of cross-sectoral policy issues.


Based: Jakarta, The Office of Vice
Minister – Ministry of Transportation

Contract Durations: 3 Months initially,
with the possibility of extension

Scope of Works:

1.      Provide support to Key Ministry of Transportation Policy Makers

a.       Support Senior Transportation Specialist in assisting the newly appointed Vice-Minister for Transport with “synchronisation and coordination” of the various sector masterplans;

b.      Assist the Senior Transportation Sector Specialist  in the development of the policy sector reform strategies

2.      Data collection and analysis

a.       Conducting data colection and analysis in communication with Senior Transport Specialist in synchronising transportation sector policies and programs

b.       Provide technical and economical analysis and investigation for specific program/projects that require detailed review to support the further decision making process by key Ministry of Transportation policy makers.

c.       Reviewing  project proposals / initiatives submitted by subsectors or local government s and create linkages to the future IndII support to the Ministry of Transportation

3.      Ensuring the implementation of IndII support programs in the Ministry of Transportation

a.       Assist the Lead Advisor and Senior Transportation Specialist in conducting monitoring  and reviewing progress and  implementation of IndII support for the Ministry of Transportation,

b.       Liaise with the Ministry of Transportation and IndII in developing the pipeline of project assistance, including development of Term of References for the request of advisory services to be proposed under the IndII support program

Minimum Requirements:

–         Strong background and experiences in the formulation of transport sector policy and planning. The consultant should have at least 5 years experience as transport sector analyst or planner and have proven technical and economical analysis skills in the transportation sector.

–         Minimum Advance Degree on Civil Engineering or Transportation or related education (Economics).

–         Fluent in English

–         Good capacity for negotiations and communications


Please send a cover letter and CV before 23 April 2010

to e-mail  dewi.susanty@ id with attention to Ms. Sri Dewi Susanty

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Thank you for your interest in

Best Regards, Sri Dewi Susanty


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