Lowongan Konsultan di Sumatera Barat

25 March 2010

Consultant for Post Response Evaluation

Save the Children in Indonesia is looking for a Consultant (and team) – Post
Response Evaluation of Save the Children’s Emergency Response Programs in
West Sumatera according to term and reference below.

Position : Consultant (and team) – Post Response Evaluation

Duration of Contract  : 15 days

Closing Date     : April 2, 2010 (Application may processed before the
closing date)


Earthquake struck off the coast of Padang in West Sumatra on September 30,
2009. Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has revised the
magnitude of the earthquake from 7.6 Richter Scale (RS) to 7.9 RS.  The
earthquake affected 13 of 19 districts in the West Sumatra province. The
death toll reached one thousand and one hundred seventeen (1,117) people.
About 1,214 people were seriously injured and 1,688 people moderately
injured.  District level data indicates 114,797 houses were severely damaged
and 67,198 moderately damaged, meaning over 180,000 households were in need
of assistance. The total damage was estimated at IDR 19.4 trillion (US $2
billion). The worst affected district was Padang Pariaman, where nearly
75,000 houses have been severely or moderately damaged (approximately 82
percent of the houses). About 1,013 schools (17 percent) have been damaged
by the earthquake with a total of 5,117 classrooms have been severely
damaged, 2,479 moderately damaged and 1,986 slightly damaged. This data
excludes 175 madrasah (25.3 percent) and 102 pondok pesantren, which have
also been reported damaged by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
Some villages were completely swept away by mudslides triggered by the
earthquake. Heavy rains pose serious threats to communities living in
earthquake-affected and landslide-prone areas. The steep terrain that
characterizes West Sumatra is very susceptible to landslides during the
rainy season, which is expected to last until February/March.  A total of 9
IDP camps (5 in Padang Pariaman and 4 in Agam) have been set up. There are
approximately 8,000 displaced persons.
During October and March, the save the Children West Sumatera
Program has targeted to reach 150,000 people, including up to 90,000
children with a holistic humanitarian assistance package, including shelter,
educational support, health and child protection initiatives
In total, Save the Children has directly reached over 200,000 beneficiaries,
more than half of whom are children.  Save the Children continues to work in
T Shelter, child protection, education and health activities.


B.1. Evaluation purpose

Save the Children-West Sumatera Post Response Evaluations is conducted for
the following purposes:

(a).To assess the achievement of West Sumatera Response Program in terms of
their objectives for Shelter/NFI; Education; Child Protection and Health.

(b). Measure the extent to which the response has been accountable to the
local needs (of children and their families).

(c). Recommend improvements for longer-term strategies, focusing on
programme and management quality and accountability, and contribute to
learning in a wider sense within the agency.
For the purposes of this evaluation, which is looking at quality and
effectiveness the OECD-DAC criteria to be used are: relevance and
appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency. The criteria of connectedness
will be covered under question 3 of the 5 key questions above. It is also
important to note that the evaluation team must be made familiar with the
HAP-I, SPHERE and ECB (Good Enough Guide) in order to conduct a
participatory evaluation that also will look at accountability issues
It is expected that relevance and appropriateness be scrutinized in the
light of Save the Children’s commitment to accountability to beneficiaries.
The recommendations should aim to help Save the Children understand the best
practices in being accountable to beneficiaries (children) and what
improvements SC may realistically put in place to better the quality and
accountability of West Sumatera programs.

B.2. Roles and responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities the evaluator or evaluation team members outlined
as follow:

The team leader will be responsible for:

– Drafting a detailed budget for the evaluation

– Being thoroughly familiar with all sector projects (objectives,
outputs, previous phases including previous activities, problems, budget
time schedule, context, etc.)

– Agreeing with project management on the methodology of the evaluation,
in terms of i) level of participation management of the process, data
collection, data analysis, drawing conclusions/supplying recommendations and
giving reactions to draft conclusions and ii) the methodology to be followed

– Recruiting necessary support staff

– Recruiting and training enumerators

– Leading and overseeing all data collection and the general evaluation
process and outputs

– Drafting questionnaires and data collection tools

– Leading data collection and data analysis

– Ensuring that the evaluation report responds to the needs of the client

– Ensuring equal participation of the evaluation team members in the
process, particularly the voice of children
– Drafting the report and circulating for feedback and comments
– Finalizing the report and submitting to Save the Children _West

The evaluation team members will be responsible for:

– Being thoroughly familiar with all sector projects (objectives,
outputs, previous phases including previous activities, problems, budget
time schedule, context, etc.)
– Supporting the team leader in designing data collection tools
– Collecting data and taking record of the data
– Participating in data analysis and providing technical input into data
collection and analysis
– Drafting and finalizing their own sector report
– Providing technical input into the draft versions of the final overall


*1.    Written document on Methodology for Post Evaluation
2.    Time line activity, Questionnaires and or any tools needed to collect
information both in hard and soft copy
3.    Compiled data set from collected information
4.    Written documents on Key Findings, final report and presentation both
in Bahasa and English version

*Interested candidate are invited to submit their application to


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