Mau jadi Procurement Officer? Ini syaratnya…..

1 March 2010

Bagi rekan2 terutama adik2 yang berminat di bidang Procurement, ada baiknya kita mengetahui persyaratan minimal seperti apakah yang dibutuhkan oleh pihak Employer dalam merekrut seorang Procurement Officer, sehingga kita bisa mengarahkan diri kita agar bisa memenuhi persyaratan minimal tersebut.

Procurement Officer

Indonesia Resident Mission


To provide operational support in the (i) review of procurement-related documents, (ii) streamlining and strengthening procurement unit (PU) processes; and (iii) intensifying and strengthening the fight against corruption.


Reviews procurement and consultant recruitment documents, including bid documents, bid evaluation reports, contract awards and other procurement documents for projects administrated by Indonesia Resident Mission (IRM).

Prepares necessary procurement reports and memos for approval in coordination with the Project Specialist in charge of the project in IRM.

Assists with the drafting of ADB Procurement Committee papers and memos and attends ADB Procurement Committee meetings as and when required.

Provides support for loan review missions for IRM-administered projects to assess executing agency’s (EA’s) procurement and contract awards and achievements, identifies any non-compliance with ADB Procurement Guidelines and loan agreements, and recommends measures for improving procurement process.

Assists in the processing and administration of technical assistance (TA) projects delegated to IRM, as needed.

Participates in Project Completion Report Review missions of IRM administered projects, assists in evaluating the project procurement and contract work, and writes the relevant parts of the Project Completion Report.

Assists in preparing annual contract award projections and monitors the actual contract awards. Reviews EA’s quarterly progress reports from the aspects of procurement and contract awards.

Assists selectively in loan/TA processing missions to review contract packages, procurement plan, and project implementation schedule.

Participates in the country portfolio review missions and midterm portfolio reviews and assesses key procurement issues and contract award performance.

Supports procurement assessments, identifies generic procurement issues, and capacity of EAs to procure efficiently and possible training needs.

Assists ADB Headquarters sector divisions and offices (e.g. the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity or OAI) in following up on procurement matters/issues with the Government/EAs.

Coordinates with ADB Headquarters divisions (Central Operations Services Office (COSO), and South East Asia Department – Sector Divisions) on procurement and consulting services matters.  Assists COSO in coordinating seminars in the host country such as Country Project Implementation and Administration Seminar, Procurement Seminar, Consulting Services Seminar, and Seminar on Developing Domestic Consulting Industry.

Keeps updated on ADB’s policies, guidelines and procedures on procurement and use of consultants, disseminating this to IRM staff, EAs and other agencies concerned, and responds to EAs inquiries on matters relating to procurement and use of consultants.

Keeps track of host country’s policies, laws, rules and regulations on procurement; and liaises with the Government and agencies concerned and with other donor agencies on procurement matters.

Keeps updated on ADB’s anticorruption policy requirements, including ADB’s treatment of whistleblowers, definitions of fraud and corruption, consequences for failure to observe ADB’s anticorruption policy requirements, and maintaining confidentiality.  Disseminates relevant information on the anticorruption policy to IRM staff, EAs and other agencies concerned, and responds to EAs inquires on matters relating anticorruption.

Keeps current with ADB’s list of sanctioned firms and corruption cases related to public procurement.

Liaises with ADB’s OAI on fraud and corruption issues, including reporting to OAI red flags or findings of corruption in any ADB-financed activity.

Organizes internal and external training on procurement. Provides advice and delivers training on procurement and consulting services for ADB staff in the IRM and assists in capacity building to the EAs and entities involved in procurement in Indonesia.


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Engineering or related discipline; an advanced degree is preferred.


Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level.

At least 5 years of experience in project preparation and administration with substantial experience in procurement and contract management.

Familiarity with procurement policies, guidelines, and procedures, and anticorruption policies of a multilateral organization.  Sound knowledge of government administrative systems and procedures, particularly public procurement systems.

Sound knowledge of competitive bidding procedures and exposure to the domestic construction and consulting industries in Indonesia.  Should have strong client focus and high level of commitment to results

Strong conceptual skills and ability to identify issues and appropriate actions at the field office level.  Strong planning and organizing skills to handle many tasks with deadlines

Proficiency in computers, especially word processing, spreadsheets, and emails.

Effective report writing (in English) and English communication skills is necessary.

Able to work together within a team environment, and able to work with people from various levels and backgrounds in a multi-cultural environment.

Have positive attitude and highly motivated to achieve results by fostering the spirit of cooperation, while at the same time complying within the ADB sets of rules and guidelines.

Able to support and to receive guidance from the more senior staff.

Familiarity with local languages and institutions.


Technical Knowledge and Skills
–  Can give help and advice to others based on their specialist area of knowledge and skills
–  Uses technical knowledge and skills to complete complex work
–  Uses technical knowledge and skills to improve work systems

Client Orientation
–  Works to meet needs of clients according to ADB policy
–  Communicates often with clients and seeks to understand and anticipate their needs
–  Adapts own style to suit client preferences

Achieving Results
–  Find ways to reduce time and cost of completing work
–  Monitors work and progress and makes improvements
–  Works with others to overcome problems and find alternative ways to complete work when necessary

Working Together
–  Provides practical support and encouragement for team members
–  Encourages team members to work together and benefit from diversity in different views, culture, nationality, and gender
–  Sets priorities for the team and ensures they are followed through

Learning and Knowledge Sharing
–  Learns new skills and knowledge and applies them
–  Continuously finds new solutions to problems
–  Leads the team in sharing knowledge and expertise


Country Director (CD) and/or Head, Portfolio Management Unit (PMU)


The Asian Development Bank’s vision is a region free of poverty. Established in 1966 and headquartered in Manila, Philippines, ADB’s multicultural staff come from over 50 member countries. The advertised position is a local staff position with a local remuneration package. It is open only to persons who are nationals and residents of Indonesia. While the position advertised is for the Indonesia Resident Mission (IRM), ADB staff must be prepared to serve in any location outside the Resident Mission at the discretion of Management.

Interested applicants should quote Ref. No. EXT-NO-10-001-IRM and job title and submit their curriculum vitae not later than 8 March 2010 to:

Country Director
Gedung BR II, 7th Floor, JI. Jend Sudirman Kav. 44-46
Jakarta 10210, Indonesia
P.O. Box 99 JKPSA, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Fax: +62 21 251 2749

An electronic application form is available at

Applications lacking the job reference number and job title or using the wrong e-mail address will not be considered.


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