International and National consultant needed for REDD Project

20 June 2009

We are
environmental management and engineering firm. We are going to participate in
REDD Indonesia Project tender. We are looking international and national
consultant on :

The International CTA (Chief Technical Advisor) will be the Consultant Team Leader.

He/She will be responsible for the overall steering and execution of all consultant services
and will assist the NPMU in overall programm planning to ensure timely
achieving of the Programm objective. He/She should have profound experience in
the field of project planning & management of natural resource management
projects as well as internationally funded projects (including fund management,
procurement, etc). Additional REDD experience will be an advantage.
Additionally, experience in institutional building and capacity building as
required. He will work closely with the Programme Facilitator with a possible
concentration of the CTA on REDD/Foresty/ Climate programme strategies as well
as co-ordination of the programme with national and international initiatives
and policies. The CTA shall be assigned full time at the start of the
programme. Later his/her assignment shall be reduced to intermittent
assignments (up to 36 months).

Programme Facilitator shall act
as Vice-Team Leader (up to 66 months) with proven experience in the coordination and
day-to-day management of complex natural resource management projects. The
Facilitator will especially assist in DA design, contract negotiation,
DA supervision as well as day-to-day programme management. He/She will set up
systems for routine monitoring and reporting, documentation and communication
of policy lessons. The programme Facilitator shall either be a national expert
with the experience required or an international expert with longstanding
experience in the region. Both experts (Programme Facilitator and CTA) will
work as a team ensuring general project steering. Include the position of a
full-time National Senior Coordinator who will assist the liaison of the
consultant team with the NPMU, relevant departments within MoFor as well Ss
other institutions. This position shall be filled after contract award in
consultation with MoFor and KfW for up to 84 months based on the workload to be
handled and the assignment schedule of the consultant team.

Three national district
facilitators, who will facilitate and coordinate national/local experts within
the respective district and support the work of the DPIU (up to 56 months per
district = 168 months).

Local technical and
administrative support staff as required.

REDD Experts
(international: tentatively up to 4 months; national: tentatively up to 10
months), who will assist in general FC programme development as well as assist
in selection and design of Das. The experts will also design the training
concept related to Das.

Carbon Monitoring and REL Experts
up to 9 months of international and 9 months of nationa experts). Both experts
will assist in approach to and design of the district REL as well as the carbon
monitoring system (see also section 2a). They will also design the training
concept related to their task and carry out initial trainings.

REDD Financial Mechanism and
Legal Experts (tentatively up to 4 month international REDD Financing and 8
months of national REDD Financing and Legal expertise) to assist in the
development of sustainable financing mechanism compatible to the international
REDD-structure as well as in line with the Indonesian regulations. Further they
would assist in a detailed mechanism on carbon payments distributions once the
legal framework has been established. Further, the experts shall support the
elaboration of financial and economic analysis for the envisaged Das;

Financial Administration  (6 months
of national expertise), to support NPMU and DPIU in establishing the financial
administration system

Allocation for Workshops,
Seminar, etc. will be paid from the programme budget

Further, the consultant will
propose the followig experts for specific topics

Forest Management, e.g.
management of production forests including concessions, RIL/HCVF
(International expert up to 8 months, national expert up to 14 months) for
supporting development of the programme approach towards HPHs as well as supporting
DA development and implementation focusing on HPHs and RIL/Forest Certification.

Community Participation and
Socio-Economics (tentatively up to 4 month international and up to 6 months of
national Expertise),

livelihood development in the
field of agriculture and agroforestry (10 months national esperts) and
community forestry (12 months bational experts).

If you are interested, please
send resume (only) to opportunity@ gfiagendi. com. Please check http://www.gfiagendi. com
for further information.

Thank you,
apology if the posting is not really related to development agency.




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