Career Opportunity at the Asia-Europe Foundation (Singapore-based)

10 March 2009

Project Officer and Project Executive

*The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) *seeks to promote better mutual
understanding and closer cooperation between the people of Asia and Europe
through greater intellectual, cultural, and people-to-people exchanges.
These exchanges include conferences, lecture tours, workshops, seminars and
the use of web-based platforms. Established in February 1997 by the partners
of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), ASEF’s major achievement is the
establishment of permanent bi-regional networks focussed on areas and issues
that help to strengthen Asia-Europe relations.

The ASEF’s People-to-People Exchange Department aims to facilitate the
development and exchanges of educational (formal and non-formal) policies
and practices in ASEM countries. The overall objectives for P2P are:

1. Create and foster sustainable networks between targeted individuals
and institutions to enable the active participation of young people in
society and to promote the values of citizenship and facilitate the dialogue
between the formal and/or non-formal educational stakeholders.
2. Provide capacity-building opportunities for actors of civil society,
with a particular focus on young people and educational agents, in order to:
support the exchange of knowledge and experiences on subjects of common
interest and empower participants to actively engage in the decision-making
processes of issues affecting them.
3. Contribute to the development and improvement of ASEM policies by
submitting timely recommendations and pro-active feed-back from formal and
non-formal education stakeholders.

All ASEF activities which take place in Europe and Asia are co-organised by
ASEF headquarters in Singapore. All ASEF departments have a balanced
representation of Asian and European professionals and trainees in their

*The People-to-People Exchange department seeks to engage a motivated:

1. Project Executive
2. Project Officer*

for a one-year contract with the option to renewal upon satisfactory
performance starting as soon as possible. The successful candidate will be
assisting the project team under the supervision of the Director and/or
Project Manager of the People-to-People Exchange Department. Applicants
should be nationals from the ASEM countries. He/She should have a good
understanding and demonstrable professional experience in the related
working areas of the People-to-People Exchange Department on formal and
non-formal education as mentioned above. He/She will actively work on the
development of specific projects. He/She will be assigned the following
general duties and responsibilities:

– Assist the project team, under supervision of the Director and Project
Manager, in selected projects by being involved with a sufficient level of
autonomy in implementation and execution of programmes/activities that are
assigned (research, identification of partners,
– negotiation, design, organisation, reporting and evaluation of
– Conduct relevant research and information-gathering, as well as
database entry;
– Assist in conceptualising projects for the department e.g.
identification of partners,identifying issues for meeting agendas, speakers
and participants, etc.
– Prepare necessary documents for all stages of project cycle management;
– In charge of the main projects assigned and assist in the organisation
of selected projects/events in addition;
– Assist in programme and project delivery including quality, content and
– Prepare and compile final reports of projects under his/her charge;
– Maintain project-related database of contacts and alumni;
– Maintain a good filing and quick retrieval system of key information
and data;
– Update relevant website with the latest information on the projects;
– Promote strong networks and good relationships with partner
– Assist in generating publications and articles for the department;
– Actively contribute and give intellectual input to P2P‘s development
and participate in general activities of ASEF;
– Other duties (administrative, financial, etc) assigned by the
Department Director and the Project Manager.

Candidates should have the following profile:

– Hold a Bachelor or MA university degree;
– Minimum 4 years (for Project Executive) or 2 years (for Project
) of relevant experience in developing and implementing formal and
– education projects
– Proven experience of project planning and management;
– Excellent command of English (both written and oral);
– Working knowledge of 2-3 ASEM languages is an advantage;
– Able to work effectively with minimal supervision;
– Demonstrated ability to supervise and work in a team environment;
– Excellent presentation, organisational & communication skills and
creative thinking;
– Strong interpersonal skills, cultural awareness and the ability to
effectively communicate with a wide range of individuals and constituencies;
– Proficient in MS Office and basic Web administration.

***3. Intern
effective immediately until 31 December 2009. Applicant should be nationals
from the ASEM countries. The successful candidate will be assigned the
following general duties and responsibilities:

– Programme Support: To assist the project leader, under the supervision
of the Project Manager and the Director, in the organisation of projects and
activities for the People-to-People Exchange department, on undertaking
research, carrying out administrative and logistical support in preparation
for projects and contributing input to the different programmes.
– Departmental Support: The intern is expected to work as an integral
part of the People-to-People Exchange Department, as well as with colleagues
in the other Departments of ASEF. He / She will assist the P2P team on
administrative tasks related to other P2P projects as needed.

The successful candidate will have the following profile:

– A young professional with experience in youth and education related
programmes and some international exposure.
– Excellent command of English (both oral and written) and a strong
interest in working in multi-cultural environment required.

*How to Apply:*

Applicants should send the following:

1. Cover letter detailing the qualities/contributions that he/she can
bring to the People-to-People Exchange project development (1 page)
2. CV with candidate’s contact details highlighting past studies/work
experiences related to the above job requirements.
3. Two references

Please send your application with all the relevant documents by 15 April
2009 to:

Angie Toh (Ms)
People-to-People Exchange
Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
31 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
Singapore 119595

For further information, visit


3 thoughts on “Career Opportunity at the Asia-Europe Foundation (Singapore-based)

  1. Saya butuh informasi CPNS terbaru 2009

    Lowongan CPNS 2009/2010

    Thomas PM:

    Mungkin Mas kaka bisa mencari infonya langsung ke web resminya masing2 departemen…
    Kalaupun saya mengupload informasi lowongan kerja biasanya yang berhubungan dengan project management, procurement atau contract management.

  2. Tlg info saya via e-mail lowongan yg berhubungan dgn project managment, contract managment,constraction and supervition. Or related to civil and architecture. Tq I really appreciate it

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