My first step to visualize my dream………

Welcome to my  blog.

This post is one of my earliest post when I was started to write my blog.

I just want to share to all of you, one of my life changing experience, which make me become the “real” consultant now.

This is one of the magnificent project, it is a bridge crossing the sea (Madura Strait), connecting two islands (Jawa and Madura in Indonesia).

Please read my story through this photos…..


Travelling to Madura before Suramadu Bridge Construction


Toron (Madura Tradition)


May 2006 : Vizualize the Dream………

May 2006 : Build Teamwork

June 2006 :The Casing

July 2006 : The Rebar

Sep 2006 : The Drilling Bit

Jan 2007 : The Pile Cap

June 2007 : The Pylon Leg

November 2007 : View from Causeway


June 2008 : Start install segment Zero

September 2008 : On the Top of Pylon

September 2008 : Almost connected

October 2008 : Oops..Don’t Forget to install Temporary Piers for safety of Construction

November 2008 : The Underpass Surabaya Side


January 2009 : The Next Generation Engineer


February 2009 : V Pier Madura and Surabaya Side Finish


March 2009 : Almost connected….

The Moment – 31 March 2009


End Closure Day 31 March 2009

April 2009 : Final Inspection by BinaMarga Officer

Pejabat PU

May 2009 : Ministry of Public Works and Governor of East Jawa.

First Official Walk across Madura Strait.  Moment of Lifetime.

Menteri PU dan Gubernur Jatim


Asphalt Finishing, not so long, will be finish in 2 weeks.

Approach Bridge Madura 14 May 2009

Minister of  Transportation try the Motorway

Minister of Transportation try the Motorway May 2009

Mr. President of the Republic of Indonesia check before Opening Ceremony

From the Bus

One of the Initiator of Suramadu Bridge :

Mr. Muhammad Noer former Governor of East Java (Cak Noer)

He is so proud that he could see his dream being realize….

Muhammad Noer

This is what we export to Madura Island today….

Together we share….Traffic Jam….(just kidding)

Suramadu Macet

But don’t forget to educate people, beware of Vandalism

The Cable Stayed

December 2009 , The Dream come into Reality:

Mission accomplished.

I just want do something good in my life, even very small think,

to give the best to our beloved country Indonesia.

I just sharing my knowledge, my experience, my belief on the power of dreams,

and dedicated to all,who work in the projects or just want to know about the projects.

First created in Surabaya 22 March 2008

Best Regards,


10 thoughts on “My first step to visualize my dream………

  1. Thanks Sari atas kunjungannya ke weblog ku ini . Masih baru, ibarat orang belajar nyetir ya masih srempet2 dikit, hehe.

    Ternyata “The Secret” sungguh dahsyat.
    Ketika kita bisa memvisualisasikan impian kita ASK dan berhasil membangun BELIVE, saat itulah sebenarnya impian kita sedang menuju kepada kita. Tinggal kita siap RECEIVE atau tidak.

    Padahal aku baru baca belum genap 3 bulan………., hehe, namanya juga “kubebu”……kurang beli buku…….hehehe.

    Wish you’ll get all your heart desire…….


  2. hehehehehehehe………

    pak thom ne org yg mau bljar n selalu haus info appun…
    so…… dia jadi bisa maju n brkembang………
    Thx buat suggestna y…. n pastinya sy dpt tmbhan ilmu dlm hal ini. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe………….

    Nyuwun sewu, kulo mlebet wordpress jenengan nggih….

    sip bos, gd luck n wish all the best.


    c u ………

  3. Just visited your wp and feel happy always to wish you get all your heart desire. God give us so many valuable things which we can learn, diggest & understand days in our life in so may ways too, one like you do in this wp, especially the spirit.

    Thank you also for our 24 years friendship..hope it will never end.

    Btw, on 2004 you have sent me your picture with little Monic & Fitho. Than you always said about young handsome 20 feet engineer etc..etc.. but seeing this picture it’s hard to belive abt the weight, the chin & the.. & the..ha ha ha..ha ha ha.. Regars for Fi & the kids yah..

  4. Salam kenal…
    Terima kasih atas kunjungannya, blognya keren bgt!!!
    Sepertinya Project2nya banyak nih, boleh sharing donk ilmunya, kebetulan untuk implementasi permen pu 43 2007, untuk pengadaan jasa konstruksi harus ada program mutu, mudah2an saya bisa belajar nih ttg hal tsb.


  5. Alhamdulillah , bangsa kita mampu menyelesaikan hal yang dulunya sulit , sekarang bisa … !!!

    Syukur kalau ada hasil multi media proses pembangunan suramadu . mari kita jelaskan kepada anak-2 , mulai sekolah dasar . tambahan pengetahuan .

    Selamat bertugas pak !!!!!!!!!!

    • Pak Ruwahjoto,

      Sebenarnya hal yang sulit akan menjadi mudah bila kita berusaha keras untuk mempelajarinya. Namun yang paling sulit tentunya adalah mensinkronkan ilmu pengetahuan kita di suatu bidang dengan ilmu pengetahuan di bidang lain sehingga bersama2 bisa bersatu menjadi suatu karya yaitu Jembatan Suramadu. Berdasarkan pengalaman saya, hal itulah yang paling sulit.



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    Thank you Mr. Ardi for you visit to my blog and thank you for your appreciation.



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