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This post is one of my earliest post when I was started to write my blog.

I just want to share to all of you, one of my life changing experience, which make me become the “real” consultant now.

This is one of the magnificent project, it is a bridge crossing the sea (Madura Strait), connecting two islands (Jawa and Madura in Indonesia).

Please read my story through this photos…..


Travelling to Madura before Suramadu Bridge Construction


Toron (Madura Tradition)


May 2006 : Vizualize the Dream………

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Film Inerie

4 July 2014

Film Inerie

Menjelang sore, di kantor sedikit terjadi kehebohan (di ruang sebelah), suara palu menngema mengenai dinding, ooo ternyata boss sedang sibuk menyuruh anak buahnya memasang poster Film Inerie yang diproduksi oleh salah satu proyek kami.
Di kantor

Ini Poster Filmnya

poster film inerie

Ini kutipan beritanya di website kantor:

“Inerie, a docu-drama film set in the Ngada District of NTT, rural Indonesia, premiers tonight and portrays the difficulties and dangers facing women and their infants during childbirth, as well as the opportunities for overcoming those dangers.

The purpose of the film is to raise awareness of the very high numbers of preventable maternal deaths in Indonesia and as an educational tool in rural and remote areas. It was funded and arranged by the DFAT-funded Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Maternal and Neonatal Health project.

The evidence base for prevention of maternal deaths includes that women give birth in a facility that has competent staff, essential drugs and equipment and infrastructure of good standard, including reliable water supply, sanitation and electricity.

In remote areas of Indonesia, and even in not so remote areas, women today are still giving birth at home either with the assistance of their families or with traditional midwives. The reasons for this are varied and often intertwined including, cultural norms, negative perceptions of health services, distance and transport issues, poverty and that women often have little control over their lives or decision making capability.

The goal of the partnership is to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity through evidence based interventions. Since 2009 and working with five Indonesian government partners across 14 NTT districts the goal of reducing maternal deaths has been achieved with maternal deaths decreasing by 34 per cent. This has been achieved through provision of technical assistance, capacity building, essential equipment and renovation and construction of facilities.”

Langsung kuteringat akan perjalananku ke Bajawa tahun lalu, ooo, ternyata fotonya belum aku upload.

Dan beberapa klik kemudian, timbul ide untuk membuat poster ala aku sendiri.

Maaf jika hasilnya seadanya, maklum, tanpa software editing foto, hanya pakai ms word saja.

Thomas and Djoko at Inerie 2013

Oh iya, ini bukan promosi Visit Indonesia 2014, tapi berdasarkan bbrp kali kunjungan ke Flores, ternyata banyak surprise yang didapatkan. Jika anda suka pemandangan alam, penduduknya yang ramah dan petualangan, sempatkanlah berwisata ke Flores. Lebih asyik lagi jika bisa menyelusuri Trans Flores.


4 July 2014



Selain gelar Cert. SCM (ITC) yang pernah saya ikuti beberapa waktu lalu klik sini, ada juga tawaran untuk menjadi
Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP)™ yang kebetulan kursusnya diadakan di Indonesia (menghemat tiket ke luar negeri dan biaya hotel tentunya).

Berikut infonya, siapa tahu rekan2 tertarik. Jangan lihat harga kursusnya dari sekarang, karena kalau sudah bersertifikat dan bisa diterima di multinational company pasca AEC 2015, biaya kursusnya ngga sampai sebulan gaji. :-)

Michael Fletcher
IABFM – Director of Procurement and Supply Chain Practice

Leading Authority in Procurement with over 30 years of professional experience in manufacturing, selling, procurement, negotiating, consulting, training and supplier and warehouse management
•Vice Chairman of Training at South China Institute of Supply Chain Management
•Author of procurement book on ‘Modern Procurement Methods’

Dr. Fletcher is currently the Director of Procurement and Supply Chain Practice at the International Academy of Business and Financial Management (IABFM). He has more than 30 years of professional experience in manufacturing, selling, procurement, negotiating, consulting, training and supplier and warehouse management. In addition to this, he has more than 19 years of experience working and living in China and Hong Kong, where he has been identified as a respected specialist in consulting and assisting in the establishment of a number of start-ups for Europe based companies in China.

Dr. Fletcher has an extensive educational background in operating executive education programs in fields such as procurement, logistics, ware house, supply chain management, international business, human resources management and marketing. As the Vice Chairman of Training at South China Institute of Supply Chain Management, he sits on the board with other respected professionals and academics, who form a think tank for innovation and improvement at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has also authored a book “How to Avoid Being Burnt by the Dragon or Eaten by the Tiger,” which addresses areas of doing business in Asia and “Modern Procurement Methods”.

Dr. Fletcher’s contemporary style of training brings him all over the world, where he delivers his programs to senior executives from the Government, Mining, Oil and Gas, Airports, Sea Ports, Construction, Logistics, Academic sectors.

Dr. Fletcher is also the Honorary Fellow of Canadian Institute of Certified Administrative Managers, fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate and member of Institute of Commercial Management. He has a doctorate degree in business and marketing from Australia, and acts as a PhD supervisor for a number of university doctorate candidates in Asia.

This comprehensive executive program is designed for Procurement Management professionals to help you organize, implement, coordinate, and manage your organization’s procurement in an effective manner while at the same time create a solid pathway to attaining your Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP)™ certification that you can use on your resume and business card. The (CIPP)™ will enable you to identify and negotiate efficiently while avoiding resource allocation conflicts due to overspending. In addition, this program will give you a clear understanding on how to develop an integrated procurement approach using scoring system to secure the best suppliers, adopt best practices in developing buyer/seller relationship, apply time-managed schedules, and put together budget and translate them into successful outcomes.

In this highly interactive three-day program, you will be involved in role playing exercises, case studies discussions drawn from actual real life cases to give you the most effective learning benefits for resolving current and future Buyer/Supplier challenges. As added benefits of attending this program, you will gain membership to the only professional body recognized by the AASCB, the world’s leading collection of business schools, and you will also gain access to education centres in USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. At the end of the program, you will receive the highly sought-after designation of Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP)™and earn 35 PDUs (Professional Development Unit) upon completion of this program.

What is Strategic Procurement
•Getting back to basics
•Principles of Strategic Procurement
•Procurement Stages

Base-lining Existing Spend
•How much / how many
•Current performance
•Issues and problems

Profile the Supply Market
•Identify all potential suppliers (inc. cross market)
•National / international
•Supplier profiling
•Supplier short listing

Build Comprehensive Tenders
•Rules and Structure
•Background / Objectives
•Business Requirements
•Supplier Requirements
•Terms and Conditions
•Service Levels

Tender Analysis
•Rules and Structure
•Analysis Tools / Sections
•Comparative Marking
•Verification Visits

Supplier Selection
•Negotiation – Price and Conditions
•Contracts (basics)
•KPI’s / SLA’s / development plans
•Transition Planning

Supply Base Transition
•Old Supplier Run Down
•New Supplier Ramp Up
•Steady State

What is Supply Chain Management
•Getting back to basics
•Principles of Supply Chain Management
•Supply Chain Management Stages

Supplier Management
•Measuring and using KPI’s
•Measuring and using SLA’s
•Supplier Reviews
•Continuous Improvement Plans
•Supplier Development

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta
Date: 6 – 8 August 2014

Faculty: Michael Fletcher
Early Bird 1: US$3,050 (by 11 June 2014)
Early Bird 2: US$3,250 (by 9 July 2014)
Regular Fee: US$3,350
Group Discount: 2nd participant get 10%, or register 3 participants and 4th participant get a complimentary seat
(1 discount scheme applies)
Contact: (program director)

Ini brosurnya:

Brosur CIPP 2014 Indonesia

Video The Beauty Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT)

23 June 2014

Video The Beauty of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT).




Duty Trip 2014 Kupang – Tambolaka – Larantuka NTT

Larantuka BeachWednesday, 18 June 2014

Duty Trip 2014 Kupang – Tambolaka – Larantuka NTT

Travel Jakarta to Denpasar
Jakarta to Kupang

Travel Denpasar to Kupang
Newmont NTB

Hotel Aston Kupang
Aneka Kain Tenun NTT

Travel Kupang tambolaka
Kupang Tambolaka

Sunset at Tambolaka
Sunset at Tambolaka Airport

Hotel Sinar Tambolaka
H Sinar Tambolaka

Tambolaka Airport
Tambolaka Airport

Travel Tambolaka – Kupang
Travel Tambolaka Kupang

Hotel Aston Kupang
Hotel Aston Kupang

Sunset at Aston Kupang
Sunset at Aston Kupang

Fresh Fish Market
Fresh Fish Market

Grill the Fish here

Travel Kupang to Larantuka
Travel Kupang Larantuka

Travel Kupang larantuka

Larantuka Beach
Larantuka Beach

Sunset at Larantuka
Sunset at Larantuka

Hotel Asa Larantuka
H ASA Larantuka

H Asa

H Asa Larantuka2

H Asa Room

Sunrise at Larantuka
Sunrise at Larantuka

Larantuka Aiport

Check In Larantuka

Travel Larantuka – Kupang
Larantuka  Kupang

Kupang Beach
Kupang Beach

Kupang Crystal Cave



Travel Kupang – Jakarta
Travel Kupang Jakarta

Undangan Temu Nasional “Menemukan Solusi Terhadap Permasalahan Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah dan Pengadaan Akhir Tahun”

18 Oktober 2013

Undangan Temu Nasional Pengadaan Barang/Jasa
“Menemukan Solusi Terhadap Permasalahan Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah dan Pengadaan Akhir Tahun”

Undangan Temu Nasional

Latar Belakang

Lembaga Kebijakan Pengadaan Barang /Jasa Pemerintah (LKPP) terus melakukan penyempurnaan aturan pendukung yang mampu mengawal pelaksanaan pengadaan barang/jasa pada tahun 2012, lebih dari tujuh puluh (70) item perubahan dan penyempuranaan Peraturan Presiden yang tertuang dalam Perpres Nomor 70/2012 sebagai penyempurnaan Perpres Nomor 54/2010 tentang Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah. Langkah ini kemudian ditindaklanjuti dengan dikeluarkannya berbagai Peraturan Kepala (Perka) LKPP sebagai petunjuk teknis maupun penjelasan lebih detail terhadap perubahan tersebut.
Jika dicermati lebih lanjut, ada satu fakta menarik; sejauh manakah aturan ini memberikan penjelasan dan batasan kewenangan dalam praktek pengadaan barang/jasa pemerintah yang dikategorikan masuk periode akhir tahun? Dalam kategori dan kondisi apakah bahwa praktek Pengadaan barang/jasa Pemerintah akhir tahun masuk dalam ranah koruptif? Bagaimana kedudukan legal antara pengguna dan penyedia barang jasa dalam praktek Pengadaan Barang/jasa Pemerintah tahun dapat menjadi orientasi kolektif seluruh stakeholder Pengadaan Barang/jasa Pemerintah?
Dengan demikian, praktek pengadaan barang/jasa pemerintah akhir tahun tidak hanya menjamin ketersediaan barang/jasa, namun yang jauh lebih penting adalah memberikan rasa aman bagi pengguna dan penyedia barang/jasa.

1. Untuk mendapatkan gambaran informasi dan pengetahuan tentang kebijakan dan permasalahan Pengadaan barang/jasa pemerintah di Indonesia, baik bagi pengguna maupun penyedia
2. Untuk mengetahui dan memahami dinamika, fakta, dan permasalahan pengadaan barang/jasa pemerintah akhir tahun
3. Untuk mengetahui dan memahami secara konprehensif terkait perilaku koruptif dalam pelaksanaan pengadaan barang/jasa pemerintah
4. Untuk menemukan solusi dan pendekatan hukum terbaik dalam kerangka mencegah potensi pelanggaran pengadaan barang/jasa pemerintah di akhir tahun
5. Untuk menyelamatkan pengguna dan penyedia barang/jasa dari “jebakan” pelaksanaan pengadaan barang/jasa Pemerintah akhir tahun.

• Direktur Jenderal,Kepala Badan dan Deputi Kementerian/LPNK
• Kepala Daerah (Gubernur, Bupati dan Walikota)
• Pimpinan SKPD (Badan/Dinas dan Kantor)
• Pengguna Anggaran (PA) dan Kuasa Pengguna Anggaran (KPA)
• Direktur BUMN dan BUMD
• Pejabat Pembuat Komitmen (PPK)
• Panitia Penerima Hasil Pekerjaan (PPHP)
• Unit Layanan Pengadaan (ULP)
• Kepala Layanan Pengadaan Secara Elektronik (LPSE)
• Aparat Pengawas / Inspektorat
• Pimpinan/Direktur perusahaan penyedia barang/jasa pemerintah

Formulir Pendaftaran bisa didownload di sini:

Undangan Temu Nasional Pengadaan

Program Management training for PMU AIPHSS

5 october 2013

Hotel Santika, Jemur Sari – Surabaya: 30 September – 5 Oktober 2013
Dalam rangka pendalaman teknis manajemen AIPHSS, CPMU didukung ISP menyelenggarakan Pelatihan Teknis Manajemen AIPHSS untuk staff PMU yang berlangsung di Surabaya pada tanggal 30 September – 5 Oktober 2013. Pelatihan diikuti kurang lebih 60 peserta yang terdiri dari koordinator PMU, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PME) Officer dan Staff, Finance & Procurement Officer dan staff ditambah dengan Focal Point (Pegawai Dinas Kesehatan bersangkutan yang aktif menangani kegiatan AIPHSS ) dari 2 provinsi: Jawa Timur dan NTT, dan 8 Kabupaten: Bondowoso, Situbondo, Bangkalan, Sampang, Flores Timur, Sumba Bara Daya (SBD), Timor Tengah Utara (TTU) dan Ngada.
Pelatihan ini merupakan lanjutan Orientation Workshop bagi staf PMU yang dilaksanakan sebulan sebelumnya di kota yang sama. Jika orientasi sebelumnya lebih pada pengenalan program, maka pelatihan kali ini lebih bersifat teknis dengan tujuan:
– Mendapatkan masukan (input) dari tim PMU di daerah mengenai pelaksanaan program AIPHSS.
– Mengkaji sejauh mana rencana dan kegiatan tahap awal program AIPHSS berjalan.
– Memberikan pembekalan teknis pengelolaan program (aspek perencanaan, monitoring dan evaluasi, serta Keuangan dan Pengadaan).


Koordinator CPMU dan Manajer ISP menyampaikan pengantar pelatihan
Tidak seperti kebanyakan penyelenggaraan pelatihan, lokakarya atau seminar lainnya, dalam pelatihan ini tidak ada acara seremonial. Pelatihan dibuka dengan pengantar maksud dan tujuan pelatihan dari Koordinator CPMU, Budi Perdana didampingi Manajer ISP, Akhmer Akhtar.


Presentasi perwakilan DPMU Bondowoso
Pada kesempatan ini juga, masing-masing perwakilan PMU dan Focal Point menyampaikan update perkembangan kegiatan, permasalahan dan tantangan yang dihadapi di masing-masing wilayah kerja.
Untuk sesi pendalaman pembahasan materi, peserta dibagi kelompok sesuai dengan peran & tugasnya.


Kelas Koordinator PMU & Focal Point
Materi untuk Koordinator PMU dan Focal Point: Hubungan dengan Pemangku Kepentingan (Stakeholder), Manajemen Sistem, PIM, Sistem Monitoring &Evaluasi, Pelaporan, Manajemen Teknis, Kebijakan Keuangan dan Pengadaan.


Kelas PME Officer dan Staff
Materi untuk PME Officer dan Staff: Sistem M&E, Performance Framework, Perangkat Monitoring, Mekanisme Perencanaan dan Pelaksanaan Kegiatan 2014, Evaluasi Kegiatan.


Kelas Finance & Procurement Officer dan Staff
Sementara materi untuk Finance & Procurement Officer and Staff, diantaranya: TA Procurement Plan, Prosedur Pengadaan (procurement), Majemen Kontrak, Manajemen Aset, sistem akuntansi

Pelatihan yang difasilitasi nara sumber dari CPMU, ISP dan Coffey International Development menerapkan metode pembelajaran yang menekankan peran serta aktif semua Peserta. Sehingga pelatihan yang berlangsung dari pagi hingga sore selama 6 hari berturut-turut tidak terasa membosankan.


Gimana mau bosan? Bisa makan Bebek Sinjay Madura yg terkenal itu sambil ngobrol santai dengan rekan2 ….hehe..

AIPHSS CPMU, SRs & SSRs Staff Induction, August 2013

August 2013

AIPHSS CPMU, SRs & SSRs PMU Staff Induction, August 2013

Just want to share my project’s experience with you, the next Indonesian Consultant, the new generation.
To open your mind about the Consultancy World for the Government Projects.

Travel To Surabaya

Welcome to Juanda International Airport Surabaya
Juanda Airport

Welcome to Surabaya City
Surabaya City

JW Marriott Surabaya

In my Room
In my Room

The great team behind the Training on preparation meeting
Preparation Meeting

The Opening

Ice Breaking by Mr. Simon Payne
Ice Break

Why you look so serious…haha

Laptop distribution preparation
IT Manager

Breakfast with Ali the Office Boy
The Office Boy

Coffee Break
Coffee Break


Finance Session with Maria Pabunag
Finance Manager

Sunset from my window
Sunset @ JW marriott

Tahu Campur Lamongan
Tahu Campur Surabaya

Ice Breaking by Tieke
Ice Break by HR

The Laptops
The Laptops

Prepare for Closing
Prepare for Closing

Go Home
Go Home


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